Dr. Akshat Malik

Head and Neck Onco Surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Akshat Malik is a highly specialized Head & Neck cancer surgeon. He is holds a M Ch degree in Head & Neck surgery. He completed his Masters in Surgery (MS) from Delhi University. Thereafter, he was trained in the Head & Neck cancer surgery from the highly coveted Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai where he completed M Ch in Head & Neck surgery.

He was selected for a competitive Royal College of Surgeon’s senior clinical fellowship in advanced head & neck surgery from the prestigious Imperial College NHS Trust, London.

Presently he is working as Head and Neck Onco surgeon in Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket. Delhi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cancers are a group of diseases associated with abnormal growth of cells. Without any check, the disease may keep on progressing ultimately leading to pre-mature death. Although it depends according to the patients situation.

Irrespective of the person’s ethnicity, socio-economic status and geographic location anyone can get cancer. Some symptoms are visible but some are not visible. If you have any query, you can contact with us for head and neck onco surgeon in Delhi.

Neoplasm or tumour is essentially the same thing, it is an abnormal mass of tissue growing in an uncoordinated way and persisting even when the stimuli responsible for growth has been removed. A tumor is said to be benign when its characteristics are considered relatively harmless suggesting that it wouldn’t spread to near-by or distant areas. Malignant tumors are collectively referred to as cancers, derived from the Latin word for crab, because they involve the tissues in a manner similar to a crab. Malignant tumor can invade and destroy adjacent structures and spread to distant sites (metastasize).

  • White or red patch in mouth
  • Non-healing ulcer/growth in mouth
  • Lump/swelling in face
  • Lump in neck
  • Change in voice
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Difficulty in breathing

  • They are 6th most common cancers in the World and are amongst the commonest cancers in India
  • They constitutes more than a third of the total cancer burden in India and are responsible for over 8 lakh cases and 4 lakh deaths

This is a common misconception and not true at all.

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