Skin cancers of scalp, face and neck

Skin cancers of scalp, face and neck

Cancer can develop in the skin of head and neck region. These commonly happen due to exposure to sunlight in light skinned individuals. Common skin cancers can be basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell cancer, melanoma etc.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Any new mole which has been increasing in size
  • Any lump or swelling over the skin
  • Any non-healing ulcer, which may be increasing in size
  • Risk factors:

  • Light skin colour
  • Red haired person
  • Intense sun-exposure
  • Investigations

  • Biospy from the lesion
  • FNAC from node
  • Ultrasound or CT/MRI scan
  • PET in select cases
  • Treatment

    Such lesions need to be excised or removed with margins all around. Lymph nodes may need to be addressed in select cases. Depending on how big defect is created, we may need to reconstruct accordingly.


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