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Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery in Delhi NCR

Surgery for Thyroid cancers:

Thyroid nodules can be benign or malignant. Benign swellings are also called as goitre (Ghengha). These may be noted incidentally or may be a long standing swelling with recent increase in size. There may be a single or multiple associated swellings. Surgery, if required, may entail removal of half of the gland or the entire gland. Depending on the individual case the draining lymph nodes may also be removed.

These surgeries require fine dissection skills so as to preserve the integrity of the nerve to the vocal cords and save the parathyroid glands responsible for maintaining the calcium in the body.

Best Hospital for Thyroid Cancer Treatment in Delhi NCR

We have expertise in handling such cases with very good functional results. For selective cases we provide minimally invasive scarless robotic thyroid surgery through facelift incision or intra-orally. We also treat advanced cases where such cancers may involve the wind pipe, voice box or food pipe.

Surgery for parathyroid adenoma:

These adenomas are responsible for raising the calcium in the blood and for weakening the bones. They can even lead to increased chances of renal/kidney stone formation. We perform such surgeries through a mini-incision and in select cases do it in a scarless manner as well.

  • A neck swelling can be due to thyroid nodule
  • Can be single or multiple
  • Can be non-cancerous or cancerous
  • Selective cases may be treated by a ‘scarless’ surgery

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